The Founder

Patrick Goi

Pangoi Fashion Founder Patrick Goi

About Patrick Goi

Patrick Goi is a man of many talents. Besides being the founder and managing PANGOI, Goi is also an accomplished chef and a ballroom dancer. He too is a recognised sommelier.

After nine years of working in a fashion and beauty retail industry, Goi decided that the time has come for him to set out on his own.
Known for his infectious energy, the affable Goi set up PANGOI Group Sdn Bhd in 2014 with the aim to redefine the world of fashion via its flagship brand name ‘PANGOI’.
As the founder of PANGOI, Goi’s primary responsibility is to expand the group’s market in Malaysia and beyond particularly the Asia Pacific and Middle-East.
‘Specifically, I make sure that we maintain a good rapport with our existing and potential clients and principle. I also head the research team, where we look into the demands and needs of our customers.”
“Besides that, I guide and train my marketing team.”
Managing a new company in a highly competitive environment may sound daunting to some but Goi embraces all these head on.
He notes that the toughest part of managing PANGOI is the fact that the industry itself is highly competitive.
“New products are being launched almost on a day-to-day basis, which means I have to be on my toes all the time in order to be updated on the latest trends, which will help me reach out to the customers more effectively,” he explains.
Goi has been working very hard in the past to learn more about the inner dealings of the industry so much so he has picked communication and networking skills.
“It helps with my confidence and I am now very motivated to make it big with PANGOI.”
“Working in the marketing line has also taught me to be creative and innovative to reach out to the customers. Most importantly, it has taught me that the key to success is always to have a good attitude,” he acknowledges.
Born in Bukit Mertajam, Goi made the bold decision to leave the comforts of home for Kuala Lumpur at the tender age of 17 despite objections from his family.
“It wasn’t easy and I knew that. So even though I started from the very bottom of the ladder, I was still optimistic and motivated,” he recalls.
He reminisces the long hours he spent as a part time promoter for different beauty products.
“It was tiring working and studying for my Diploma at the same time but it was worth it. As soon as I completed my studies, I began working at a department store,’ says Goi.
It was not long before he was promoted to a department manager position. And Goi was only 21 years old.
‘And I did not stop there. I knew that I had to do more so when I chose to continue my studies, I moved to the beauty and cosmetics industry as an assistant marketing manager for Total Image,” he shares.
This decision, he explains, did not only offer better career prospects but allowed him to work during the day and attend his classes in the evening.
Once he completed his double degree in Economics and Business Management from the University of Greenwich, Goi found himself already in love with the fashion industry.
That was how his relationship with Alfio Raldo began.
“My first week on the job at Alfio Raldo was the longest and most tiring week in my life. I felt nervous to start a new chapter but at the same time, motivated to hold such a great responsibility in the company,’ he says.
Despite being new, his driven personality soon proved him to be a fast leaner.
“It has always been about the end results for me and I make sure to put my skills to great use.”
The strategy proved to be fruitful. Within the first three months working for the company, Goi succeeded in getting the products listed on permanent counters in several department stores.
How did he achieve the feat in such a short span of time?
“Persistence, persistence and persistence,” he shares with a laughter.
On a personal note, Goi still finds time to pursue his other interests.
“I love to cook and even participated in a cooking show on 8TV entitled Hot Chef. I am also a Latin dancer and have took part in international ballroom competition overseas representing Malaysia!”
“When I am not cooking or dancing, I like to watch movies and listen to music. When I feel like breaking into a sweat, I find squash a great way to keep healthy.”
That certainly doesn’t mean that he is at the height of his potentials.
With a prospective MBA and a successful local fashion brand slowly making its way into the international market within the next five years, he has quite a journey of self-discovery waiting for him.
Patrick Goi is certainly going places.